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Cardiovascular Medical Center

    Contact Information:imc@vghks.gov.tw       

    Strong Physicians and Surgeons Lineup from Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery Departments

    Services are provided by more than 20  cardiologists and cardiac surgeons specializing in treating all sorts of cardiovascular diseases, including heart transplant, cardiac catheter electrophysiology study and Radiofrequency ablation, Da Vinci robotic heart surgery, cardiac catheterization intervention for coronary artery disease, bypass surgery, hypertension, heart failure, valvular heart disease, etc.

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    Advanced Instruments and Equipment

    Three Philips and Siemens Biplane cardiac catheterization X-ray machines, third-generation Da Vinci microinvasive robotic arm, cardiac ultrasound, digital image storage and networked transmission system, 24-hour electrocardiogram, etc.

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    Well-equipped Cardiac Intensive Care Unit and Cozy Cardiac Ward

    There are 21 rooms in the cardiac intensive care unit, and 62 beds in the cardiology and cardiac surgery departments.

    Pioneer of Coronary Heart Disease Care in Taiwan

    Coronary heart disease care of the department is well and widely recognized, gaining six HQIC Gold Awards, two Silver Ax Awards from the Executive Yuan, Silver and Bronze Tower Awards from National Unity Circle Competition, two Gold Awards from National Quality Control Circle Competition, National Biotechnology and Medical Care Silver Award, as well as the Symbol of National Quality and the Certificate for Cardiovascular Disease Care; a total of 45 honors and recognitions in relation to heart disease care have been acquired.