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City Sightseeing

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    Lotus Pond(蓮池潭)

            In 1686 (the 25th year ruled by Emperor Kangsi), the magistrate of Fengshan Yang Fang-Sheng planted lots of lotus (Lian) to embellish the scenery of the pool when building temples, so it was called ‘Lianchih Pool (Lotus Pond)’. Lotus Pond is a scenic spot in Zuoying District with well-known renown. The most two beautiful scenes of Lianchihtan appear in the morning and at nightfall. In the morning, bright views appear indistinctly in the mist. While staying in the dock at nightfall, it seems that the golden sky is endless. At night, broad water region brings plenty of moonlight.

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    The Trutle Mountain(龜山)  

            Trutle Mountai was named due to the turtle-like shape. It faces Panpingshan (Mt. Panping) across Lianchihtan, and was the fortress of old Zuoying Town. The old town surrounds entire Gueishan. The entrance of climb locates near the old north gate. There are flourishing tress along new-built footpaths, which makes climbers feel comfortable. There remains discarded military pillboxes, batteries, and reservoirs. The elevation of Gueishan is 55 m. It is a good place to overlook Lotus Pond.

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    Panpingshan Natural Park(半屏山公園) 

           The height of Panpingshan which is like to be cut by a knife is 220 m. Panpingshan has been planned as a natural park in recent years and become a good place for mountain climbing, hiking, and ecological observation. Besides special geographical views with natural limestone, there are plenty of animals and plants. Combination of Panpingshan natural park and Panping Lake wetland forms the important view consisting of the mountain, lake and wetland.

    Primitive Plants Park(原生植物公園)

          It is the first and only plants park featuring Taiwan primitive plants. There are 45 families and more than 60 species Taiwan primitive plants in the part at present. The whole park is just like a lively Taiwan plants museum featuring not only localization but capabilities of education and recreation.

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    Data sources come from Zuoying District Office of Kaohsiung City Governmenthttps://goo.gl/ihE2o9