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Health Management Center

    Contact Information:imc@vghks.gov.tw       

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    Professional and advanced medical equipment

    1. Multi-slice computed coronary heart tomography can detect whether there is blockage or a narrowing of coronary arteries.

    2. Painless Gastroenteric Swpy and colonoscopy for health check up.

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    Dedicated Professional Service Team

    Professional nurses are responsible for the consultation , follow-up health check up, as well as referral services.
    –Integrated Medical Center resources provide a complete check up service after a patients’ health examination.

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    Comfortable Environment

    A bright and spacious physical examination lobby , a comfortable VIP lounge. Kaohsiung Veterans General Hospital wish you have your physical examination with ease.


    1. Half-Day Examination Package

    2. Standard One-day Package

    3. Cardiovascular Package

    4. Brain and Neurovascular Package

    5. Cancer Detecting Package

    6. Elite Packag