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Unexplained neonatal rash - congenital syphilis


    Tom (pseudonym) is a healthy and energetic newborn, but when he was two weeks old, he suddenly developed unexplained red rashes on his hands and feet. There was no other symptoms at the beginning,and under the careful history taking and examination of our experienced neonatologists, it was discovered that he had a terrible congenital syphilis.

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        Congenital syphilis is one of the causes of children’s congenital infections, which may cause fetal death. After birth, severely infected people will affect the brain, leaving a sequelae, and even cause the death of children. With the advancement of hygiene concepts, the number of congenital syphilis infections has become less and less, but once it is discovered, timely diagnosis and treatment are still needed to avoid irreversible consequences.

        In our case, after the diagnosis of congenital syphilis, we arranged lumbar puncture exam, and found that the brain had been affected by the syphilis.In order to prevent brain injury, we gave him appropriate antibiotics as soon as poosilble.After the course of antibiotics treatment, the rash slowly subsided, the abnormal blood test result also returned to normal.    After being discharged from the hospital, we closely followed the growth and development of the child in the outpatient department. When the child was 6 months old, the blood syphilis test value improved much,and the brain syphilis was no longer detectable. This child is one year old now, and achieve normal growth and development milestone.