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    • To prevent high-risk, suspected cases from entering our hospital, we have set up outdoor testing stations. Dr. Tsai Cheng-chung, who is a professor-gr
    • Our frontline Emergency room(ER) staff have to put on double masks, safety goggles, protective suits, and face shields to start the day’s work.
    • What is PRP? PRP(platelet-rich plasma) is a powerful prolotherapy by using your own growth factor to inject over injury area to enhance healing and
    • What is ILIB? Intravascular laser irradiation of blood (ILIB) is also a low-power therapeutic tool that is applied in many clinical events to facil
    • Dr. Kuan-Yu Lin’s Introduction to Arthroscopic Surgery Arthroscopy surgery is a minimally invasive surgical procedure, in which an endoscope,
    • Kaohsiung Veterans General Hospital (KSVGH) and the University Medical Shing Mark Hospital (UMSMH) have established many collaboration mechanisms over
    • With Taiwan's reputation for high-quality medical technology and holistic care, three Veteran General Hospitals held a video teleconference with T
    • 2020 Taiwan-Vietnam Exchange Academy & Orthopedic Summit Forum 2020年台越骨科學術國際論壇 DateTime:2020.09.04 Organizer: Thu Duc Hospital, Kaohsiun
    • The Kaohsiung Veterans General Hospital is the only public medical center in Southern Taiwan. As such, the KSVGH is not only responsible for fulfillin
    • As COVID-19 becomes more prevalent, a wave of mask panic buying has resulted around the world. Virus expert Lai Ming-Chiao, who helped to prevent the