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How to get to our hospital

    Contact Information:imc@vghks.gov.tw       

    Our hospital is located by the side of the Expressway near the Dingjin Interchange System. It is easily accessible, with about 10 minutes’ ride from Zuoying Station and about 20 minutes’ ride from Kaohsiung International Airport in Siaogang.

    By KRTC(Metro)

    • If  you decide to visit our hospital on your own, here are the recommended way to follow.

    • You can take Kaohsiung Metro Kaohsiung Metro(red line) from Kaohsiung International Airport Station to Zuoying station(R16) and then take a shuttle bus(red 35 or red50) to our hospital.

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    Arrangement by our staff

    • Our international medical service center  also can make transportation arrangements for you  from the airport to hospital. You will pay for traffic fees which have  not been included in the patient's medical treatment plan.