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    Contact Information:imc@vghks.gov.tw       

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           To promote medical development and enhance medical services for the general public in southern Taiwan, the government established the “Organizing Committee for Kaohsiung Branch” with staffs from Taipei Veterans General Hospital in September,1984,and it was listed as one of 14 major Government Construction Projects. Construction began on 27th December 1986.

            Inaugurated on 31st October, Kaohsiung Veterans General Hospital (VGHKS) was named the “Taipei Veterans General Hospital, Kaohsiung Branch” and later renamed “Kaohsiung Veterans General Hospital” in 1993 when it officially become an independent operation.

            VGHKS was first accredited as certified teaching hospital on June 20th, 1991. It also has been accredited as a medical center since 1993. It has been serving south Taiwan  for over 30 years as a leading public medical center and earning the trust of patients by its medical talents and advanced facilities. VGHKS is the only public medical center in Kaohsiung and Pingtung region.  Our hospital contains 1,455 beds and  treats over 5,323 outpatients daily. Furthermore, we owns 29 specialty centers staffed by a large team of professionals and mix-skilled specialists to provide integrated care.

             International Medical Service Center keeps VGHKS core values. We dedicated to extending our presence and earning the recognition worldwide by serving medical personnel exchange program, volunteer clinic, medical care and strategic partnership (MOU).