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    KSVGH sign MOU with Bệnh viện Đa Khoa II Bảo Lộc Lâm Đồng

    The Kaohsiung Veterans General Hospital is the only public medical center in Southern Taiwan. As such, the KSVGH is not only responsible for fulfilling its social responsibility and implementing people-oriented management, but has also actively promoted international medical care in recent years. The KSVGH has signed memoranda of understanding and conducted industry-academia cooperation with international medical care agencies and universities to cultivate medical professionals in different countries. The objective is to encourage both parties to engage in research exchange, train teachers, promote health, and move medical care towards more people-oriented management.

    To advance international medical care and actively cooperate with the government’s New Southbound Policy, Superintendent Liu Chun-Peng led a team to visit Vietnam on December 2nd. The team visited the Lâm Đồng Government and its Medical Bureau, as well as signed an academic exchange memorandum of understanding with the local  Bệnh viện Đa Khoa II Bảo Lộc Lâm Đồng Hospital.

    The KSVGH already signed a memorandum of understanding on a cigarette prevention plan with Lâm Đồng’s Medical Bureau in 2015. The medical team used free diagnostics to introduce the preventive medicine concept of cigarette hazard, while planting this concept in Vietnamese schools, work sites, and communities. The KSVGH became the first to introduce the concept of quitting cigarette smoking to Vietnam, as well as the world’s first provision of Vietnamese medical personnel with comprehensive cigarette hazard training. Subsequently, personnel from the Department of Pediatrics went to Vietnam to provide the locals with newborn health checkup and care for premature children and children born with severe heart disease. Thus, the KSVGH is strongly trusted by the Lâm Đồng Government and its Medical Bureau, which have expressed strong desire to work and cooperate with the KSVGH in the future.   

     Bệnh viện Đa Khoa II Bảo Lộc Lâm Đồng Hospital was founded in 1984 and became the second general hospital in Southern Lâm Đồng; it has a capacity of 450 beds. Because of local food culture and drug use habits, there are many dialysis patients. In the future,  Bệnh viện Đa Khoa II Bảo Lộc Lâm Đồng Hospital will work with the KSVGH to study topics related to disease prevention and preventive healthcare/medicine. The goal is to reduce the number of local dialysis patients and effectively improve the health issues of local residents.  

    Superintendent Liu Chun-Peng indicates that future professional exchanges, education promotion, resource sharing, and industry-academia cooperation cannot only add an important education partner for the KSVGH’s expansion of southbound education, but also achieve technology transfer through teaching and learning. This cooperation can effectively expand the international perspective of personnel from both parties, as well as cultivate excellent medical professionals, promote local health and life quality, and benefit both parties.