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    Save Critical Patients Beyond National Borders: Medical Communities in Taiwan and Vietnam Join Hands to Improve the Quality of Critical Care

    Kaohsiung Veterans General Hospital (KSVGH) and the University Medical Shing Mark Hospital (UMSMH) have established many collaboration mechanisms over the years. According to Yao-Shen Chen, Vice Superintendent of KSVGH, UMSMH is a large teaching hospital in Vietnam and has been recently accredited for its work in critical care using the cardiac catheter. To strengthen the collaboration between the two hospitals, KSVGH and UMSMH held the “Save Critical Patients Beyond National Borders,” 2020 Taiwan Vietnam Critical Care Quality International Forum jointly with the Taiwan Healthcare Quality Association (THQA), National Sun Yat-sen University, Taiwan Society of Critical Care Medicine, and Taiwan Society of Emergency & Critical Care Medicine on November 21, 2020. The Forum participants extensively explored cardiac and critical care related topics and collaborated to improve the quality of cardiac critical care in both countries.
    According to Wei-Chun Huang, Director of the Department of Critical Care Medicine of KSVGH, the opening remarks of the Forum were delivered by Yao-Shen Chen, Vice Superintendent of KSVGH, Shaw-Yeu Jeng, President of THQA, and Doan-Dao Tran, Superintendent of UMSMH. Vo Anh Minh, Chief of Division of the intensive care unit of UMSMH, Vu Thanh Tam, Chief of Division of Cardiology of UMSMH, Guang-Yuan Mar, Director of the KSVGH Health Management Center, Ya-Meei Lue, Head Nurse of KSVGH Nursing Department, and Dr. Wei-Chun Huang from KSVGH were invited to deliver keynote speeches on cardiac and critical care related topics. The Forum was attended by Dr. Wei-Chen Lin from Yuan’s General Hospital, Dr. Wang-Chuan Juang, Director of KSVGH Center for Quality Management, and Hsueh-Chih Chou, Deputy Director of KSVGH Nursing Department. The aim was to together improve the quality of cardiac critical care around the world.

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