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Q & A


Q1:How do I make an appointment?
You can contact us by
Q2:What information do I need to prepare?
We are appreciated about your choice. To maintain the quality of the long distance consultation, preparation of required information is strongly advised including the medical requirement, past history and family history, and emergency contact. It would be better to email us the most recent medical records or pictures.
The client should fill out the registration form before coming, please see the form in detail, If you have no idea which department or Dr. you need, we will arrange for you.
Q3:Can I make an appointment for my relatives or friends?
Yes, you can. However, client should fill out registration form with his/her signature and attached copy of passport before coming.
Q4:What service can I get by IMSC?
The services we provide including arrangement of specialist consultation by e-mail and examination schedule, making an appointment, hospital guidance (cash desk, each department, examination room, etc), accompany with you while visiting outpatient's clinic, and all English communication to minimize language barrier, etc. for assisting you a fluent visiting and hospitalization.
Q5:Any restriction of being an IMSC applicant?
We only help foreigners without Taiwan's Health National Insurance. For those foreigners with language barriers, rush schedule arrangement or medical VISA are the most common issues they need helps.
Q6:How can I know the approximate medical expenses?
About the medical fees, our clients should prepay the estimate of medical costs before admission. When doctors made up your treatment plan, we will estimate approximately costs to you based on similar cases or diagnosis. After the treatment is done, the rest of fees will be refunded to clients.
Q7:How long does it take to receive medical VISA?
The official document will be under process after doctor made your medical plan. It usually takes 5-7 business days, and the final document will be ready for client to apply for medical VISA. 
Q8:Can I pay the expenses by credit card?
We suggest you pay by cash unless there's an inconvenient situation, we provide IMSC client to pay by credit card.