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Introduction of library

    Data Source:Library       Contact Information:library@vghks.gov.tw       

              The library of Kaohsiung Veterans General Hospital was founded at the moment of startup of this hospital (October 1990), and it belongs to the teaching research administrative group of teaching research department, and originally, it has only two members. Meanwhile, it is located at the third floor of Outpatient Building. It has experienced its startup period, growth period and now stepped into its vigorous period, on October 31, 2003, it was moved to the sixth floor of Emergency Building, and its total area was increased up to more than 1800 square meters (which is about 550 pings), with total of six service members; meanwhile, it has about 29,854 types of books and media materials (statistics was made up to the end of 2019), with 1,276 types of journals (including those stopped); meanwhile, it has several online databases, 29,000 types of electronic journals (including database collection) and electronic books. Moreover, in this building, new and modern equipment, automation system, internet and multi-media technology were adopted to incubate excellent and high level professional library members, meanwhile, with high efficiency and humanistic management, information service needed to support the medical care, teaching, research and leisure needs of colleagues of this hospital can be achieved; meanwhile, due to the increase of information need from the readers and the coming of multimedia era, we are planning new library atmosphere which is conforming better to the need and integrating digital library resources.