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    Video Conference for Vietnam: Three Veterans General Hospitals share experience in treating orthopedic diseases

    With Taiwan's reputation for high-quality medical technology and holistic care, three Veteran General Hospitals held a video teleconference with Thu Duc District Hospital today to share their respective experiences in orthopedic diseases and medical technology, demonstrating that medical exchanges between Taiwan and the international community should not be interrupted by pandemic.


    Kaohsiung Veterans General Hospital, Taichung Veterans General Hospital, Taipei Veterans General Hospital and Thu Duc District Hospital held a video conference in the morning to share their clinical experience in orthopedic surgery and post-operative rehabilitation.


    The Vice President of Kaohsiung Veterans General Hospital, Mr. Shu-Hsiung Hsu, stated that since 2018, after signing the MOU with the hospital, in addition to medical staff training and co-organizing seminars, during the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, the hospital also took the initiative to consult with us to prevent the outbreak of the COVID-19 and work together to fight the pandemic.


    During the conference, Dr. Jenn-Huei Renn, Director of the Kaohsiung Veteran General Hospital Department of Medical Affair Administration, shared that the MAKO joint replacement system not only accurately locates the anatomical position and removes the joint surface, but also reduces the excessive tissue pulling and damage caused by traditional surgery, as a result, recovery is quick and the patient can be discharged the next day.


    Dr. Quan, President of Thu Duc District Hospital, said that Taiwan has really created some extraordinary medical miracles, and that the three Veteran General Hospitals are the best among them, not only sharing orthopedic techniques and post-operative care, but also teaching the medical staff on the scene. In the future, when the pandemic is stabilized, discussions on medical cooperation between Taiwan and Vietnam can be held and clinical guidance or academic cooperation can be provided.


    In response to the government's New Southbound Policy, three Veterans General Hospitals has undertaken the Ministry of Health and Welfare's “One Country, One Center” program since 2018, with Vietnam as the main center of responsibility, actively plowing into Vietnam's local medical institutions, exchanges have become more and more frequent, with the spirit of “Love Without Borders” as the starting point, and after the outbreak of the epidemic, more than 10 thematic video lectures and seminars have been jointly held with Vietnam, through sharing and exchanging unique medical-related technologies with Vietnamese medical personnel, not only making the medical New Southbound service "pandemic" intensive, but also allowing the world to see Taiwan's most spectacular healthcare technique.Art editor Img