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    BỆNH VIỆN ĐA KHOA LÂM ĐỒNG Hospital is the largest hospital in Lâm Đồng. This second-tier hospital has 590 beds and approximately 696 employees. With strong support from the Lâm Đồng Government, it has installed an MRI and CT. It has also sent medical personnel to Germany, Japan, and France to learn and promote cooperation. Superintendent Liu Chun-Peng of the Kaohsiung Veterans General Hospital and the superintendent of the Integrated Specialties Hospital, Đại dien, signed a memorandum of understanding on future cooperation and medical personnel training so that the people of Lâm Đồng will be able to receive better health and medical care.

    Superintendent Liu Chun-Peng states that the KSVGH is the only public medical center in Southern Taiwan. As such, the KSVGH is not only responsible for fulfilling its social responsibility, but also for implementing people-oriented management. Since 2013, the KSVGH has trained 62 medical personnel; among these, 29 were Vietnamese students. These professionals not only include doctors and nurses, but also radiologists and pharmacists. The fields of training are even broader and more extensive. To further develop international medical care and actively cooperate with the government’s New Southbound Policy, the KSVGH not only signed memoranda of cooperation with Lâm Đồng’s Medical Bureau, the Children’s Hospital, the Rehabilitation Hospital, and Saint Paul Hospital, but has also introduced cigarette prevention and pediatric medical care to Vietnam. This has increased the heath care quality and knowledge of local medical personnel, and enhances local residents’ knowledge of preventive medical care.

    Director Hsu Shu-Shong of the Department of Surgery has held small local seminars to discuss topics related to neurosurgery, which were well-received. Dr. Đại dien stated that the  KSVGH is indeed a top-tier public medical center and that its medical care technology and quality of care are astounding. Dr. Đại dien expressed confidence that both hospitals will continue to engage in exchanges in clinical medical care in the future.  

    Not only was a memorandum of cooperation between the two hospitals signed, but the KSVGH personnel also re-visited the Children’s Hospital and the Rehabilitation Hospital. Both hospitals warmly welcomed them and thanked the KSVGH for assigning medical personnel to Vietnam to conduct healthcare promotion plans. These plans not only effectively improve the quality of care for local children, but also reduce the locals’ cigarette addiction rate and improve medical personnel and local residents’ concept of health care, thereby planting the seeds for national health.  

    In the future, professional exchanges, education promotion, resource sharing, and industry-academia cooperation are not only expected to add an important education partner for the KSVGH’s expansion of southbound education, but also achieve technology transfer through teaching and learning. This cooperation can effectively expand the international perspective of personnel from both parties, as well as cultivate excellent medical professionals, promote local health and life quality, and benefit both parties.