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Voice and airway reconstruction



    Voice outpatient surgery: For cases of unilateral vocal fold paralysis and some patients with voice disorders, we offer injection laryngoplasty and vocal fold steroid injection as outpatient surgery services to avoid potential risks of general anesthesia and the inconvenience of hospitalization, thereby improving patients’ quality of life.

    Professional voice evaluation and treatment: Not all patients with voice disorders need to receive surgery as a form of treatment. Some of them can have their conditions improved through speech therapy provided by professional therapists. Speech therapists use speech analysis devices to create bilateral interactions with patients and, with the visual feedbacks provided by the devices, help patients correct the way they speak, thereby improving their voice quality.

    Voice and airway reconstruction: Before surgery, the doctor examines the patient’s laryngotracheal tubes with endoscope and imaging, based on which a model of the patient’s laryngotracheal tube structure is built with 3D printing. The preoperative preparation allows the doctor and patient to better communicate with each other and helps the doctor complete the surgery with minimal damages. We have completed multiple cases of thyroplasty and reconstruction for tracheal defects or tracheal stenosis, helping patients resume normal voice and breathing quality. Some don’t even have to rely on tracheostomy tubes and can return to work and live a normal life.


    1.Voice outpatient surgery

    2.Professional speech therapy

    3.Voice and airway reconstruction

    Suitable for:

    1.Patients with husky voice